A report from the Palestine National Information Center released on Tuesday revealed that 4,298 Palestinian people have been killed since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada on September 29, 2000.
Of those killed, 801 were children, according to the report.

The report stated that 732 Palestinians were killed by missiles and bombs fired by the Israeli airforce; 272 were women; and 344 were Palestinian Authority security guards.

According to the report, 394 of those killed were assassinated in extra-judicial assassinations by Israeli forces.  65 people were killed in Israeli settler attacks by armed Israeli civilians living illegally in the Palestinian occupied territories.

140 of those who died were patients who were unable to reach necessary treatment due to Israeli checkpoints.  In addition, 36 individuals from the medical staffs and 36 of the civil defense crew were killed, in addition to 9 journalists and press workers, and 220 sportsmen.

The number of the prisoners and the detainees who are still imprisoned reached 9200, in 28 detention camps, 560 of whom were imprisoned before the Al-Aqsa uprising began in 2000.  There are currently 116 female prisoners, 67 of whom have been tried and sentenced.  The rest are either awaiting trial or in ‘administrative detention’, an Israeli euphemism for holding people without charges.  At least 1500 of the male prisoners currently in custody are being held without charges.

1389 of those imprisoned are high school or university students, 319 of which are children – some as young as eleven years old.  205 prisoners are teachers and employees of the Ministry of High Education.

According to the PNIC report, 71,470 Palestinian homes have been wholly or partially damaged since 2000.  7628 of these were completely destroyed.  645 buildings belonging to the Palestinian government were destroyed.  417 industrial facilities have also been destroyed in the same time period, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

12 universities and schools have been closed because of military commands; 1,125 high schools have experienced extended closures at various times.  350 schools and educational institutions have experienced some form of Israeli bombardment, shelling or shooting during the last five years, or were taken over for some period of time by Israeli troops.

As for Israeli violations in the agricultural sector, the report stated that made 76,867 dunums of land have been bulldozed by Israeli forces. 1,355,290 olive and fruit trees have been uprooted.  770 barns were demolished, 756 pens were swept away, 403 water wells were destroyed and 929,984 meters of water pipes were also bulldozed.  609,593 meters of agricultural fences have been destroyed, as well as 16 arboretums and 16 tractors.  14,749 sheep and goats have been killed and 12,132 cows.  15,265 bee hives were destroyed.  61,195 farmers sustained financial losses because of the Israeli occupation.

244,494 dunums of land have been confiscated by Israeli forces for the use of the apartheid wall.

The number of the shops that were entirely demolished is 9254.

272,000 workers have been made unemployed by the Israeli occupation, and the poverty level has reached 53.5% in the Occupied Palestinian territories.

3852 checkpoints, including both permanent and temporary checkpoints, were set up by the Israeli occupation forces during this period.