Ahmad Sa’adat, the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the other prisoners captured Tuesday during an extrajudicial prison raid by Israeli forces on the Jericho jail,  are now in the Israeli Maskoubiah interrogation center in Jerusalem, sources from the Prisoners Media center reported on Thursday.

Mahmoud Hassan, a lawyer for Al Dameer Society, a Palestinian prisoner rights group, visited Sa’adat Wednesday in the Israeli prison where he was taken after his abduction by Israeli forces Tuesday night.

According to the center’s report, Ahed Gholmah and Majdi Al Rimawi were also visited by the lawyer, but the lawyer was not able to visit Fuad Shobaki, also abducted from the Jericho jail Tuesday.  The Center could not confirm whether he is being held in the same facility as the other prisoners, or if he had been taken elsewhere.

Hassan reported that the Israeli authorities started to interrogate Sa’adat and the others hours after their arrest on Tuesday.