Settlers from the illegal outpost Ramat Yishai, in the West Bank city of Hebron, attacked on Thursday a Palestinian family and barred its members from plowing their orchard near their home, adjacent to the illegal outpost.
The Palestinian WAFA news agency reported that a group of settlers, youth and adults, attacked the family of Abu Haikal, and hurled stones at them.

Lina Abu Haikal, 30, said that settlers cut off three grapevines and demanded her family to leave the land.

Abu Haikal added that her family phoned the International Red Cross Office in Hebron and reported the attack.

Meanwhile, the Israeli police arrived to the area and demanded that the family own a digital camera in order to record the settlers attack as a proof of these incidents.

Dr. Azmi Al Shiokhy, in charge of the Palestinian office against the Wall and settlements in Hebron, said that this attack is one of dozens of attacks carried out by settlers in an attempt to force the residents out of their houses and orchards.

Al Shiokhy added that the residents are facing continuous attacks by the settlers and the soldiers, but they are determined to remain in their lands and orchards in spite of the repeated violations practiced against them.