A group of Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian family from Teall Al Rmida village in the West Bank city of Hebron while farming their land on Thursday.

The group attacked Abu Hikal family with stones and sticks while farming and working in their land next to the family house in the village, also the settlers uprooted several grapes trees during the assault, Lina Abu Hikal, member of the family, reported.

The family called the Red Cross in the city, also the Israeli police arrived to the scene and asked the family to document the attack next time to have a proof and did not open an investigation this time, Lina added.

Azmi Al Shokhi, head of the settlements and the wall file committee in the city stated that this attack is part of a campaign the settlers conducting to kick the families out of their land in Teall Al Rmida village, and asked local and international NGOs to proved all help possible to help the families in the village to stay in their lands and protect them from the settlers repeated attacks.