Israeli air-force shelled on Saturday night after midnight several areas in the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip; army claims that the shelled locations are used by resistance fighters as launching pads for homemade shells.

An Israeli army source reported that the shelling was carried out after resistance fighters fired several homemade shells at the industrial area in Ashkelon; no damages or injuries were reported.

One of the Israeli missile fired at Gaza exploded in Abasan Al Kubra area, in Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip; damage was reported, no injuries.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian territories remained under strict closure and intensive military presence.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers claimed arresting a Palestinian resident carrying a 20-cintemeter long knife at Huwwara checkpoint, near the West Bank city of Nablus.

The arrested resident is a Palestinian woman who bought a knife and other household tools to use at home; soldiers stopped a vehicle she was riding and claimed after searching the vehicle that the woman intended to stab a soldier.

Two other residents were arrested on the Gaza Strip borders with Israel; soldiers claimed that the two residents carried knives.

Also, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Egyptian security forces confiscated on Saturday a ton and a half of explosive materials designated to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip.

According to Haaretz, Egyptian sources reported that the explosives were discovered in 30 bags hidden near Egypt’s border with Gaza.