Israeli soldiers invaded on Saturday evening Huwwara and Beta villages, near the West Bank city of Nablus, and imposed curfew barring the residents from leaving their homes.
A local source in Nablus reported that soldiers invaded the two villages, broke into dozens of homes and imposed curfew.

Soldiers, using loud speakers, ordered the residents to enter their homes and threatened to fire at any resident who remains out.

At least one home located at Beta-Huwwara junction was transferred into a military post and a monitoring tower.

Recently, soldiers repeatedly invaded Huwwara village and imposed curfew; the main street leading to Nablus passes through Huwwara.

The residents have to pass through the Huwwara checkpoint, one of the most difficult, and overcrowded checkpoints in the West Bank. Several residents of abuse and humiliation were reported by human rights activists at the checkpoints.