The Jerusalem Magistrates indicted on Sunday far-right settler, Noam Federman, of inciting to violence, and incitement against Arabs in an attempt to thwart the Gaza Disengagement Plan during his weekly Internet radio show “Federman Uncensored”.
Israeli online daily Ynetnews reported on Sunday that Federman will be tried for statements he made calling for violence against Arabs, and in an attempt to thwart the Gaza pullout.

Yet, the court did not order the arrest of Federman but placed him under house arrest. Federman in return said that this measure “won’t deter his plans to undermine disengagement”.
The Ynetnews added that two clauses of the indictment cite comments Federman made on the TV programs “Land of the Settlers” and “Limousine.”

The charges include incitement to violence, terrorism and publishing materials  encouraging racism.

Federman also praised in his Internet show Natanel Ozeri, member of the Israeli outlawed Kach terrorist movement, who was killed in January 2003 by fighters who attacked his home in an illegal outpost in Hebron.

Ozeri, one of the students of Kahane, the terrorist who founded Kach movement, led the settlement of hilltops throughout the West Bank.
Federman in his shows called in December 2004 for civil war in Israel in order to counter the pullout plan, and called for attacking the Arabs and Palestinians “for the sake of God”.

“We can’t hide behind the pretty slogan: There won’t be a civil war. Sometimes there has to be a civil war because of the pain…when people are capable of expelling Jews from their lands so cruelly. I can’t accomplish this mission, but whoever can is a great fighter, a soldier…”, as quoted by the Ynetnews.

He also said during the pullout plan that there are no rules, no red lines or boundaries for resisting the “evacuators”.  
Federman also said in one of his shows that Israel must expel all Arabs, and described the Arabs as the “general problem” and “the enemy that should be forced out of the country”.

His call does not only refer to expelling the Palestinians in the occupied territories, but also expelling all Arabs from Israel.