In a press conference Sunday at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that the Israeli attack on the Palestinian Prison in Jericho was an Israeli aggression and a shame on Israel and the international community.
He added that the Palestinian Authority will not accept for the seized prisoners to remain in Israeli prison, particularly Ahmad Saadat, the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Party, and a member of the Palestinian Legislature, and Fuad Ash’shobaki.

President Abbas also commented, during the press conference, that Israeli forces must reopen the crossings they have held closed for weeks, especially the Rafah crossing, which is the main artery between Gaza and Egypt.

He confirmed that he had been meeting with the American ambassador, Israeli representatives and the Quartet [for Mideast Peace made up of the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia], as well as representatives from Egypt to resolve the issue of border closure by Israel.  He added his hope that all suspended issues would be solved completely.