Israeli army troops stormed Beita Village, south east of the West Bank city of Nablus, imposed curfew and arrested nine residents this Monday morning.

Local sources say that the Palestinians arrested are Jihad Bani Shamsa (33), Khaled Kan’a (34), Raghed Jaghop (31), Mohamed Labib (23), Bassman Dowekat (23), Hashem Dowekat, (27), Ayman Dowekat (30), Smmer Hamaiel (25), and Mohmed Salamah (25).

The Israeli army is still occupying the main entrances of the village and preventing residents from entering or leaving Beita. Israeli soldiers have also taken over some Palestinian homes and turned them into military posts. There have been clashes between unarmed Palestinians and the Israeli army, but so far, no injuries have been reported.