Khaled Mashal, Hamas Hamas Political Bureau leader in exile, said on Wednesday during an interview in Abu Dhabi, that the movement will continue its resistance and that Israel cannot have stability with occupation.
Mashal added that the policy of the United States and its clear siding with Israel would inflame the situation in the occupied territories.

“Armed resistance is legitimate, resistance factions and the Palestinian people have the right to resist the occupation”, Mashal stated while touring Arab and Muslim countries to raise financial and political support for the Hamas-led government.  

“As long as there is Israeli occupation in Palestine, and as long as the policy of the United States is biased, the so called terrorism will escalate”, Mashal stated, “The mistakes of the US foreign policy are pouring oil on fire”.

Mashal added that his message to the US president George W. Bush is that “he should not worsen his mistakes, and that peace in the Middle East requires Washington to adopt an even-handed policy with all sides of the conflict.

Regarding recognizing Israel, Mashal said that Hamas would reject international pressures until Israel changes its position on Palestinian rights.

According to Mashal, Arab countries would agree to accelerate the allocations of the financial support  to the P.A in a summit in Sudan next week.    

“We received good commitment from Arab countries and leaders, this commitment needs to be translated into figures”, Mashal said, “The Arab and Islamic support will cover a large part of the needs, Arabs and Muslims will support us in spite of the US pressures”.

Officials in Iran said that the country will fill any gap in official funding for the new Palestinian government once Hamas forms it.

After Hamas won the legislative elections, Israel cut off the monthly payments of tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, it also rejected to transfer the previous revenue it froze even before the elections were conducted.
“Hamas enjoys the confidence of the people, and has the capability to meet all of its obligations”, Mashal said, “We will succeed, now and in the future”.