In honor of Mother’s Day in Palestine this year, the “Never Forget” Organization in Jenin Refugee Camp opened a handcrafts bazaar.
Hundreds gathered for the opening with the National anthem, a brief reading from the Qur’an,  speeches regarding the role of women, and the sacrifices of the mothers. Th

The activity targeted women chose husbands,  sons, are in Israeli prisons.

An open call was issued to women world-wide to support the struggle of Palestinian women as they fight for their rights from occupation and within their own society.

Work to improve the status, conditions, and positions of importance outside the home has already begun inside the northern West Bank refugee camp.

Courses, workshops, and computer literacy classes are all part of the work, which includes a new computer center donated by the French Solidarity Organization.

A member of the women’s group staff, Hind Ewes, spoke specifically about how difficult Israeli attacks are on women. She told the story of one woman whose two daughters Israeli forces imprisoned and denied her the right of visiting.

An international volunteer also spoke of large-scale respect for Palestinian women, particularly mothers and those with their families in prisons, stressing the importance of international solidarity.

The handcraft fair, which honors all Palestinian women, will be on display throughout the week in the northern West Bank’s Jenin Refugee Camp.