The Palestine Net news network interviewed on Friday at noon, detainee Fuad Al Khafsh, deputy director of the Ministry of Detainees and x-Detainees, detained in the Negev detention facility.  Al Khafsh said that the detainees demand preventive measures and alternative procedures after bird flu was found in an area close to the facility.
Al Khafsh stated that the detainees are living in fear and anxiety after the Israeli authorities found bird flu in an area close to the facility.   

“Eggs are a main meal in the facility, and there are two meals in the day that include chicken, although small pieces”, Al Kafsh said, “We are not provided with any alternatives, we aren’t allowed to have the Arabic canteen, especially after Prison Administration Authority took charge of the canteen”.

“When the army was in charge of the canteen, trucks filled with food provided by the UN or other organizations were allowed to enter”, he added, “these trucks used to compensate the lack of food in the facility”.

Al Khafsh appealed the international humanitarian organizations to interfere especially after bird flu was found in the area. He said that prison administration should conduct preventive measures, and provide the detainees other sorts of food.

Also, Al Khafsh reported that Prison Administration has been renewing the administrative detention orders against dozens of detainees, especially those who were arrested before the campaign that preceded the legislative elections in the occupied territories.  

The detainees received these orders one day before they were supposed to be released.

At least 2200 detainees are currently imprisoned in the Negev Detention Camp, nearly 1000 of them are under administrative detention orders, without trial or charges.