A medical source in the West Bank city of Tubas reported on Saturday that one child and a man were injured when an explosive left by the military during an earlier invasion to the city detonated near them.

A local source in in Tubas reported that the explosive went off as a group of children found it and were playing with it unknowing its nature.

The injured child was identified as Hilal Dweis, 14, while the injured man was identified as Hakam Kharaz; Kharaz was rushed to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, while Dweis was transferred to the Nablus Governmental Hospital.

Kharaz’s condition was described as “stable” as a shrapnel scarred his abdomen but the condition of the child was described as "serious".

Dozens of residents, especially children, were killed or seriously injured, throughout the years of the Intifada as a result of explosives dropped by the army during invasions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.