The Palestinian Hamas-formed government sworn in by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza city on Wednesday, marking the tenth Palestinian government since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1996.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya described the approval of his government by the Palestinian Parliament as a victory to the Palestinian resistance, and to the idea of holding on to the Palestinian rights.

Haniya told reporters following a prayer before the Solar Eclipse, "The light of the new government will shine after the Eclipse."

suspended tens of millions of dollars in monthly tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority after the Hamas election victory.  Mark Regev, Foreign Ministry spokesman, said would decide on additional sanctions next week.

"With Hamas taking over now, you can’t have business as usual," said Regev.

Hamas leadership is trying to find an alternative source of funding to replace the unstable EU funding for the PA, but going to Arab countries.

decided it will not allow the Palestinian Ministers and members of Parliament to move between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which forces the Palestinians to hold Cabinet and Parliament meetings using Video Conferencing.

Such a decision poses serious questions about the lack of contiguity of the Palestinian territories and the future of the viability of the Palestinian state.