Palestinians living in are planning number of activities to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Land Day.  On this day, Palestinian residents of who protested ‘s land confiscation policy in 1976, renew their rejection to this ongoing policy.  Six Palestinians were killed during the protests.
This year’s anniversary comes shortly after the Israelis elected their Parliament which will be led by the newly formed Kadima party which vowed to draw the borders of , which will include a huge area of the West Bank occupied in 1967.

According to a press release by the Supreme Follow-up Committee, the committee is planning a march in Kufur Kanna,near Nazareth in the Galilee.

The march will also demand the Israeli government to recognize more than 40 Palestinian villages in .

Another march will be organized in the village of Arraba where the 1976 killings took place.  The march will start near the municipal council and move to visit the tombs of those who were killed on that day flower their graves.  A similar March will be organized in city of Sakhnin.

In Lud, residents will start marching from near the main mosque in the town and end at a big rally at the town hall.

Israelis also will join Palestinians in the West Bank to commemorate land day.  The Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom, (The Peace Bloc) announced a big demonstration in the West Bank village of Bil’in on Friday.

"The day after Land Day – a bigger than usual demonstration in Bil’in," said an announcement by the group.  

"In a joint action of Bil’iners, Israeli peace activists and internationals we will call upon the new government to be formed, No to land-grab, No to illegality, No to settlement extension," the announcement added.

Bil’in is a village that has been holding weekly protests against the annexation wall is building on the West Bank lands.