Israeli army arrested 35 Palestinians in different cities and villages of the West Bank on Thursday before noon, in several military invasions, Palestinian news network reported.
The bulk of arrest was in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, where 25 Palestinians were arrested by the army.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society said 15 residents were arrested in the village of Beit Ummar north of Hebron in a pre-dawn invasion.

Villagers said a large Israeli force backed with 10 military vehicles entered the village at 1:00 am in order to make the arrests.

Troops also arrested three residents in Al-Shyukh village, and two in Hebron city, one in Sourif village, one in the town of Halhoul and one in village of Doura.

These arrests raise the number of residents arrested in Hebron during the month of March up to 90, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society.

In the north of the West Bank, the Israeli army arrested four Palestinians in Tulkarem city and the nearby Tulkarem refugee camp, one in the town of Birzeit near and two in Ramallah and three others in Jenin city and Jenin Refugee Camp.