Israeli soldiers stormed the West Bank city of Tulkarem and its refugee camp, and arrested four residents, including two youth, after breaking into dozens of homes and searching them. Four other residents were arrested in a separate invasion in Nablus.

Local sources said that a large number of Israeli jeeps barged into the city and its camp amidst intensified firing at residential buildings, damage was reported.

During the searches, soldiers arrested four residents, including two teenagers, and took them to an unknown destination.

Media reports from Tulkarem district revealed that soldiers surrounded Tulkarem and its refugee camp overnight and during dawn hours at the pretext of arresting wanted resistance fighters.

In the West Bank city of Nablus, soldiers arrested one youth and took him to an unknown destination. Three other residents, said to be affiliated with Fateh movement, were arrested in villages near Nablus.

Also, army source claimed that soldiers detonated a 12-kilogram explosive device in a village south of Nablus.

In a separate incident, soldiers invaded Jenin and its refugee camp, and searched dozens of homes causing damage to the furniture and property.

Locals said that the occupation soldiers broke into and ransacked a number of homes, and charged the soldiers with hurling sound bombs inside those homes to terrorize the civilians.