Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), Adel Khalaila, visited several detainees in Hadarim Israeli detention facility who informed him of the bad living conditions and treatment they face in the facility.

Detainee Mohannad Yousef Jaradat, 38, from the West Bank city of Jenin, said that he and two other detainees are placed in a small room with one small window that does not provide popper ventilation.

He added that the food provided to the detainees is insufficient and of a bad quality; in most cases, the detainees have to buy their food from the Prison Canteen for high prices.  

Jaradat was sentenced in 1995 to twenty consecutive years; in 2002 his lawyer filed an appeal to reduce the sentence but the court rejected the appeal and claimed that he is still “politically active”.

The lawyer filed another appeal to the Israeli High Court but it also rejected it.     

Jaradat is currently in section 3 in Hadarim prison, he managed to obtain his B.A degree in International Relations through the Al Quds Open University but the Israeli Prison Administration is not allowing him to continue his study and obtain a masters degree.

He informed  lawyer Khalaila that thee are several ill detainees who are not provided with any medical treatment of medication which causes further health complications.

Also, he added that the detainees are subjected to daily humiliations such as repeated attacks against their rooms and continuously humiliate them search them in a provocative way.

The Prison Administration is barring dozens of detainees from their visitation rights as a punishment for their “activities” at the detention facility and their demands to obtain their rights.

Lawyer Khalaila also met with detainee Rated Yousin Oweis, 35 from Jenin; Oweis is sentenced to six life terms and was transferred to Hadarim two years ago.  

Oweis informed the lawyer that he is placed in a room that does not have a toilet, shower and lacks the basic tools for daily living.

He also have to buy his own food since he is not provided with popper and sufficient food.

The wife of Oweis managed to visit him once since he was arrested, his mother managed to visit him once last year while his brothers never managed to do so.
One of the brothers of Oweis was shot and killed by the Israeli soldiers during the Al Aqsa Intifada.

The lawyer managed to visit a third detainee identified as Azmi Bardaweel, 29, from Jenin; Bardaweel is sentenced to 21 life terms.

Bardawil is suffering from a slipped disc and was not provided with any health care  since he was arrested three years ago.  

Last week, his family managed to visit him for the first time since he was arrested.