On Thursday, Israeli soldiers carried dozens of invasions in several West Bank cities and villages and arrested twenty-two residents. In Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, Israeli soldiers shot and injured 15 residents.

The army started its wide operation on Thursday at dawn and continued the attacks throughout the day.
In Nablus, soldiers arrested two Palestinian residents after invading the city and surrounding residential compounds. 
A Palestinian security source in the city reported that soldiers arrested Fadi and Zakariyya Al Dhawaya, 19, and took them to an unknown destination.
Soldiers, supported by more than 60 military vehicles and four military bulldozers invaded several neighborhoods in the city and clashed with dozens of youth who hurled stones and empty bottles at them.
Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers used military dogs while breaking into and searching the houses.
Among the arrestees, the following names were mentioned; Mohammad Al Aqqad, Zakariyya Al Dawaya, Sa’ad Al Nabulsy, Fadi Fqeisha, and Aref Tabanja. 
Also on Thursday, soldiers fired at dozens of school teachers and students; one teacher identified as A’eda Sara was shot by a live round in her leg. She was shot while standing near the students’ morning lineup before attending classes.
A medical source in the city reported that a total of fifteen residents were hospitalized, two seriously. The two were identified as Sameh Shafe’ey, 17, and Imad Ghalib Abu Atma, 25.  Shafe’ey was shot by a live round in his head, and Abu Atma was shot by a live round in his chest.
The rest of the injured residents were shot by rubber-coated bullets, or suffered concussions after being attacked by the soldiers. 
One American journalist was shot by a live round in his stomach.
In Jenin, under-covered units of the Israel army broke into a bakery in the Old City and arrested three residents. The two were identified as Ali Jardan, 24, Raed Kamel, 20, and Mohammad Al Sa’ady, 20 years old.
On Thursday at dawn, troops arrested two residents in Dar Salah village, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. The two were identified as Naji Mohammad Salah and Ibrahim Hamad Al Ghawarna.
In Jneid village, west of Nablus, soldiers arrested a woman identified as Tahreer Yassin, 22, after breaking into her house and searching it.
On Wednesday at night and Thursday at dawn, solders invaded several areas in Tulkarem, in the West Bank, and arrested eight residents. One of the residents is a Palestinian security officer. 
Troops also invaded Nour Shams refugee camp in Nablus broke into dozens of homes and arrested Eyad Shabrawi, 25, and Fares Khalifa, 20.
In Anabta village, near Nablus, soldiers arrested Monadil Abu Raya, 24. Dozens of homes were searched.
Three other residents were arrested in Baqa Al Sharqiyya village, in Nablus areas; the three were identified as Saleh Sameer Saa’id and his twin brother Salah, 17, and Wael Omar, 37. Omar was released later during the day.