Permanent committees of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) were gearing up to hold their first meetings via the video conference link in Gaza Strip and the West Bank Sunday, the Palestine Info news website reported.

A statement issued by the PLC confirmed the meetings, and said that the legal committee headed Faraj Al Ghoul will convene Sunday, while political committee headed by Abdullah Abdullah of Fatah, and the economic committee chaired by representative Jamal Nassar will hold separate meetings on Tuesday.

The PLC committees were smoothly distributed on the PLC blocs with consensus, giving Hamas, the largest bloc in the PLC, six committees, and Fatah, the second largest bloc, four committees.

Other factions and political parties represented in the PLC were also accorded committees to chair.

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper revealed that the Israeli government is attempting to bar Hamas from participating in a private conference of the European council in France next week.

Maariv considered this participation as a blow to the Israeli and American efforts to isolate the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Israel fears that the participation of Hamas in this conference would boost the movement’s position on the international level.