Deputy chair of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Hassan Khreisheh said on Sunday that the American and the British Consulates refused to cooperate with the Palestinian Parliamentary committee investigating the latest Israel attack against Jericho Prison in March.
Khreisheh told Palestine News Netwrok, (PNN) that a special committee has been formed to investigate the attack and was set to talk to the British and the American consoles, since American and British security officers were assigned to guard the prison, left shortly before the Israeli invasion.

"One of their deputies said, they refuse to cooperate with anybody from the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Hamas," said Khreisheh.

However, he added, this committee represents all the Palestinian People since the elected Parliament formed it.

On March 14, a large Israeli force invaded the Central Jericho Prison, demolished a major part of the prison, and took all prisoners inside captive, in a large military operation.

Among the prisoners was Ahmas Saadat leader of the PFLP who has been held at Jericho Prison according to an international agreement in 2002 and was under British and American guardians.

Saadat is accused of being the mastermind for the assassination of Rehavam Zevi in 2001, and Israeli cabinet minister who calls for the transfer of the Palestinians form Palestine.

In the past three days, assassinated 16 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and wounded dozens.  No Israeli official is held responsible for these assassinations.