A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Center on the Israeli violations in the period between April, 4 and April 10, 2006,  revealed that Israeli soldiers shelled Palestinian civilian areas killing 19 residents, including seven residents who were extra judicially assassinated. 

The Israeli violations included in the report also includes repeated invasions to Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, and the increasing number of checkpoint completely isolating the Palestinian territories from each other.

According to the report, 12 residents were killed by military fire and shells, 7 residents were assassinated, 95 residents were injured and 125 residents were arrested in one week.

Also, soldiers carried 972 violations against the Palestinians in the same period. These violations include 132 shooting attacks, 37 arrest invasions, during which 125 residents were arrested.

Troops invaded cities, villages and refugee camp in the occupied West Bank 182 times, and installed temporal checkpoint 110 times. Roads and Crossings were closed 298 times; dozens of residents were not allowed to leave the country  through the international crossings.

Settlers attacked the Palestinian residents 11 times during the period of the report.

The total number of violations carried by Israeli soldiers and settlers since the declaration of cease fire in February 8, 2005 until April 10, 2006 arrived to 33711 violations, including 3337 shooting attacks that led to the death of 225 residents while 1655 others were injured.

The construction of the annexation Wall in the occupied West Bank resumed, Israel confiscated 36315  Dunams of Palestinian lands and uprooted trees 217 times in one week.

Settlers carried 663 attacks against the Palestinian residents in the West Bank; these attacks including occupying houses, firing at Palestinian areas, attacking school children and teacher, and dozens of other violations.