A Palestinian medical source in Jenin reported on Tuesday at night that one Palestinian child died of wounds sustained last Saturday during an Israeli military invasion to his village Sielet Al Harithiyya, near Jenin in the West Bank.

The child, Amir Maher Shwahna, 15, was shot by Israeli soldiers who invaded the village in an attempt to arrest wanted resistance fighters; three members of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad were arrested in the attack.

The family of Amir told the Palestinenet News Network that their child died at the Biblical Hospital in Nablus after suffering hemorrhage (sever bleeding in the brain).

The Israeli military escalation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank over the last week left  20 residents killed, 95 injured and 125 arrested.  

In a separate incident, troops shelled on Tuesday night after midnight a building used as headquarters for Fateh movement in Al Sidra area, in the center of Gaza City; damage was reported to the building and several surrounding houses since the building is located in a civilian area.