Lion's Gate (image from pinterest)

Israeli authorities say that they used a city-wide system of surveillance cameras to track down and arrest an 18-year old suspect for allegedly stabbing an Israeli man near Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Neither the alleged perpetrator or victim were identified by the Israeli police at the time of this report.

The alleged victim said that he was stabbed by a Palestinian in the chest, after which he called the police.

Police say they then activated the Mabat 2000 surveillance camera network, which feeds live video into a central station.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “The cameras can be maneuvered 360 degrees to follow and track movements – and range from the aerial view of a parking lot to the searing detail of a single license plate.”

Police say they tracked the young man using the surveillance network, and captured him near the Western Wall.

The alleged knife attack follows days of attacks by Israeli troops and police against worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam. The attacks included violent arrests of a number of elders who serve as keepers of the Mosque.