Thousands of Palestinian marched through the streets of Jenin on Monday to mark the fourth anniversary of what they term the Jenin massacre — an Israeli assault on the refugee camp that lasted over a month, and resulted in the deaths of over 400 Palestinians, mainly civilians, and the flattening of over 100 homes.

Palestinians resistance fighters, as well as children and nonviolence advocates, marched through Jenin camp, and supporters of different Palestinian organizations waved flags.  The protest commemorated those who died when, in April 2002, Israeli occupation forces raided the Jenin refugee camp after months of tensions between the two sides.

Amnesty International and other human rights groups accused the Israeli army of using Palestinians as human shields and preventing rescue teams from entering the camp to treat wounded Palestinians. Israel had also banned a United Nations fact-finding commission from entering the camp for investigations.

One Jenin resident said "Here in Jenin camp, we are united against the Israeli enemy. We will continue our struggle to defend the Palestinian people, and Jenin camp will remain the symbol of that.

"We will continue the resistance which is the best course. We will not back down, despite of all the upcoming circumstances."