Adnan Abu Haniya, 48 from Huwwara village said he is willing to sell his house and to offer the money to the Palestinian authority in a challenging step to the United States and European Union decision to boycott and stop aid to the Palestinian Authority, local sources reported.
Abu Haniya who’s family lived in the village of Ajjour in proper, which was destroyed in 1948 said this boycott is an insult to the Palestinian people, because the Palestinian government is an elected government.

Abu Haniya who owns a popular restaurant in the village said he spent six years saving money to build the house and he is willing to challenge the boycott, and stay in his old house with his wife and children six more years.

The house will be offered for sale through a local Palestinian website, the source said.

Abu Haniya said he is aware that selling his house will not solve the financial problem in Palestine, yet he said he feels it is a duty to contribute to defying this boycott which targets all the Palestinian people and not only Hamas.