Arnon Regular Israeli reporter working with the Israeli online daily Haaretz could have been one of the victims of the Israeli air strike that targeted a playground in Beit Lahia close to Sheikh Zayid city in the Gaza Strip last Monday, Palestinian online daily Palestinenet reported.

In an interview with Palestinenet, Regular reported that he was 300 meters away when an Israeli unmanned plane dropped missiles at the area killing several residents and fighters.  

Arnon said that he, and a cameraman working with Haaretz, saw the missiles exploding and causing casualties and huge damage in the playground that Israel claims that it is used as a training facility for resistance fighters of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement.  

“It was so scary, horrible, I saw Palestinians killed, I saw their bodies mutilating”, Arnon stated, “These bombs are targeted missiles, they hit specific targets causing excessive damage”.

“This is a day i will never forget as long as I live”, he added.
Arnon and his crew were in the areas conducting field reports, they were spending the night at a house that belongs to a Palestinian reporter.

At that night, the Haaretz crew and several Palestinian reporters from the Gaza Strip were documenting the daily life of the residents in the Gaza Strip after the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, won the general elections and became in power.

Regular is responsible for the Arab section in Haaretz, he covers reports about the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  

Last week, Israeli soldiers killed 19 residents, including children, injured 95 and arrested 125 residents in several attacks and invasions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.