In an interview with a German television,  Khaled Mashal, head of the Political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said on Friday that the movement will be ready to co-exist with the state of Israel if it withdraws from the occupied Palestinian territories since 1967 including the east of Jerusalem.

During his interview with the ZDF channel, Mashal stated that the Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees should be guaranteed, and that Israel should dismantle the settlements it constructed in the occupied territories and should demolish the annexation Wall.

Also, Mashal added that Israel should release all of the Palestinian political prisoners. "Only then, Arabs and Muslims will be ready to reach a real peace agreement", he added.    
He described the recent Tel Aviv suicide bombing that claimed the lives of nine Israelis and the suicide bomber as self defense and a natural response to the Israeli violations, and continues shelling to the Palestinian residential areas in the Gaza Strip.

Commenting on the American and European decisions to halt all aid money to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, Mashal stated that "The International community should act against the Israeli violations, shelling and daily attacks".

"The international community should not punish the Palestinians for electing their government in a free and democratic way", he added.

The  decision of the EU and US to stop direct financial aid to the P.A came after Hamas officially formed it government. They demand Hamas to renounce violence, recognize the State of Israel, and respect the signed agreements between Israel and the P.A,  but Hamas said that it cannot recognize a country that still occupies the Palestinian land and carries daily attacks against the people.  

According to Mashal, several countries pledged to support the P.A; Iran said it will transfer 50 million US Dollars, Saudi Arabia pledged to transfer 92.5 million, Qatar pledged to transfer 50 million and Russia pledged to transfer 10 million.  

According to Zeitung German news agency,the German Minister of Foreign Affairs has asked Moscow not to financially support the Hamas-led government; the request came after the Tel Aviv suicide bombing on Monday.