Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud Al Zahhar, said on Saturday that he will be meeting with European representatives during his upcoming tour in the Arabic Gulf countries, and that European countries are engaged in contacts with Hamas through various channels.

The statements of Zahhar came during a convention for Hamas marking the death of the wheelchair bound Hamas spiritual leader Ahmad Yassin, and Abdul-Aziz Rasnitisi who were both assassinated by Israel.

"Those who bet that the Palestinian government will surrender, and those who bet on the starvation of the Palestinian people will fail", Al Zahhar stated.

He added that Syria has announced the launching of an aid campaign for the benefit of the Palestinian people, and that a similar campaign will be initiated across the Arab world starting next month.

Al-Zahhar also thanked Syria for its support to Hamas government, and for upgrading the Palestinian mission in Damascus to the status of embassy, adding that Arab and Muslim support for Hamas and the Palestinians is growing.

He said that Israel cannot be considered a peace partner while it continues to attack the Palestinian territories, people, and carry assassinations against the fighters.

"Hamas and the Palestinian government, does not observe Israel is not a partner, the Arab world is our partner", he elaborated.
"Look at the support we are receiving by the people in the streets of Cairo,and Damascus, look at the support we’re receiving all over the world," he stated, "A nation that has Allah (God) at its side, cannot be starved or defeated".