The Fateh linked armed resistance wing, the Al Aqsa Brigades, demanding Hamas for clarifications of the statements made by Khaled Mashal on Friday.

Saturday, the Al Aqsa Brigades, demanded the Palestinian government to explain Hamas Political Office leader statements against Fateh.

the Brigades stated that Mashal accused the Fateh of playing into the hands of the Americans and the Israelis, and is demanding that Hamas do the same.

Mashal strongly criticized President Mahmoud Abbas and reiterated common accusations against the Fateh Palestinian Authority of corruption, theft, and sabotage against the newly elected Hamas government.

In a Gaza City press conference, an Al Aqsa Brigades spokesperson told reporters, “We disapprove and condemn strongly Khalid Mashaal’s statements that accused the Fateh Movement, which led the Palestinian struggle throughout long decades, of several infractions. We consider the speech inadmissible generally and call on the Palestinian government, our pioneer movement Fateh and all Palestinian organizations on the local and international arena to unify efforts to lift the US-led blockade against our people.”

Regarding the formation of the unit related to the Ministry of Interior for the fight against corruption and the security mess, the spokesperson said, “We confirm that we have no relation to this. We are resistant wings and have no role in state of security chaos and are against using weapons for any internal issues. We see that as the role of the National Security Forces and the Palestinian police.”