Israeli forces invaded the Jenin Refugee camp in the West Bank on Wednesday morning, and held some residents captive for interrogation, Palestinian sources reported.

Troops demanded the residents to provide them information about about Ashraf and Mahmoud Al-Sa’adi, two Islamic Jihad operatives claimed to be wanted by the Israeli security forces.

Eyewitnesses said, at least 20 military vehicles invaded the camp in the early hours of the morning and surrounded the house of Bassam Al-Sa’adi, an Islamic Jihad leader who is currently in Israeli prison.

"We woke up to the sound of bullets coming through the windows, and we heard the soldiers speaking in loudspeakers demanding whom they call wanted to give themselves up," said Um Ibrahim, wife of Bassam Al-Sa’adi and sister to Mahmoud.  She added that troops then entered the house, forced everybody out and held them there for a while and asked them about Mahmoud and Ashraf.

"I told them that I do not know where they are, but they just started shooting at the house with heavy machine guns," she added.

Troops arrested her son Izziddin Al-Sa’adi 18 to force Mahmoud to turn himself in.

Despite the grave loss in property, the mother said the most important thing is that Mahmoud and Ashraf are safe.

Um Ibrahim, (Meaning mother of Ibrahim) said the security men threatened to punish them family if they help the two young men.  Two of her sons, Ibrahim and Abdul Kareem were killed by the Israeli army.

Mahmoud Al-Sa’adi, 28 married and have one daughter, has been on the wanted list of the Israeli army since he was released from a 39-month-imprisonmen term ten month ago.  He was arrested in April 2002, when Israeli conducted a wide-scale invasion to Jenin Refugee camp and the rest of the West Bank.