Palestinian government spokesperson Ghazi Hamad accused the United States’ administration of terrorism against Palestine by preventing Banks from transferring aid money to the Palestinian Authority causing a severe financial crisis in the Palestinian Territories.

He told reporters on Wednesday that the economic blockade is a collective punishment against the Palestinian people for choosing to elect Hamas, saying that it is an act of terrorism to threaten other banks from dealing with the Palestinian Authority.

Hamad harshly criticized the double standard the is using in dealing with the Palestine-Israel conflict.

He said, "Just when it seemed it could not get worse, under the Israeli occupation, assassinations, Wall, settlement expansion, home demolitions, land confiscation, invasions, arrests, and further restrictions on movement at checkpoints, the US got further into the game," and added, "Now they not only finance the Israeli government with billions per year, but are also making certain that the occupied population receive no international aid."

The American government is openly threatening any bank who makes the transfer of aid monies to the Palestinians. Millions of dollars slated for the Palestinians are sitting in Egyptian banks, but no one will transfer them for fear of US repercussions, and the Arab League attempted to make the transfer, but to no avail.

Yesterday the Hamas government said it had no problem with the money going straight to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who the Americans favor, in order to get the salaries to the PA employees who have not been paid for the months of March and April.

Hamad confirmed that the Hamas-led Palestinian government is ready to open a dialogue with the , the European Union, and any other interested international party, in order to find a common ground to end this crisis which has been imposed on a population already in crisis.

Regarding the three-day national dialogue scheduled to begin next Tuesday to sort out the internal issues between the Fatah and Hamas parties, Hamad said that to “triumph over internal disputes and contradictions is of utmost importance.”

Hamad concluded by saying, “The conference is a true beginning to finding a common ground to reunify us, instead of divide us, in the wake of what we are facing.”