Hamas’ spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri distanced the movement  from the plot to attack Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip which was foiled by the Palestinian security forces last week.

Abu Zuhri said, Hamas have always claimed responsibility for attacks it carried out.

"Being part of the resistance is not something to be ashamed of, however everybody knows that Hamas has nothing to do with it, and we have always claimed responsibility for our actions, but this we are certainly not involved in Karni’s attack plot," Abu Zuhri told Palestine News Network (PNN).

Abu Zuhri’s comments followed statements by Israeli security officials that Hamas is involved in planning the attack on Karni Crossing last week.

Palestinian security forces foiled an attack with a car bomb by the Palestinian resistance last week.

Regarding the newly formed "Joint Security Force", the spokesman said this force is to support the Palestinian Police and not to replace it.  I believe its first task should be to enforce the police role in the society."

Regarding the financial crisis Abu Zurhi said the government is trying to end the current financial crisis the resulted from the boycott the European Union and the imposed on the Palestinian government, and the restriction they imposed on the banks to prevent them from transferring aid money to the PA.