Palestine activists have launched a campaign get  Israel suspended from the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) in protest against its’ ongoing subjugation of the Palestinian people, as part of a global call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel’s illegal Occupation of Palestine.

FIFA is the sports’ governing body worldwide and numerous letters in support of this action have been sent to its President, Sepp Blatter. The online petition has already gathered more than 4,000 signatures.

The campaigners point out the consequences the  Israeli Occupation has on the lives of players and the limitations it places on their professional careers.

The petition highlights ‘s  Israel’s obstruction of Palestinian representation and participation in international sports as just part of its policy to deny Palestinian  identity. Such discrimination is orchestrated throughout the whole of Palestinian society, football is just one example.

Various measures have been taken by Israel  to block the Palestinian football team and Palestinian athletes in recent years. The most recent example being the bombing by  the Occupation Forces of the Palestine Football Stadium in Gaza, leaving a massive crater in the middle of the pitch.

In 2004,  Israel set out to prevent the Palestinian football team from competing on an international level during the (FIFA) World Cup qualifiers ,  denying several members of the team permission to leave Gaza.  The Palestinian team is forced to play all its home games abroad with practice sessions in Eygpt . 

The petition also condemns the  Israeli Occupation raids, curfews, checkpoints and closures that destroy the lives of the Palestinian people. The campaign says that the disqualification of  Israel from membership of FIFA is the only appropriate sanction. 

This action is the latest step in an on going campaign to raise awareness of the football worlds’, support for  Israels illegal occupation of Palestine. For the last two months, the offices of the Arsenal Football Club have been flooded with letters and petitions to protest against the club’s decision to promote Israel as its official tourist destination. Especially while the global ‘Kick Racism out of Football’ campaign is gathering momentum

The petition can be signed at: