A monthly report prepared and published by the National and International Office at the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) revealed that Israeli soldiers killed in April 37 residents, including 6 children, in fourteen assassination attacks. 182 residents, and 5 international peace activists were injured in the Israeli strikes and attacks.

Israeli soldiers arrested 312 residents, including 19 children and used 18 houses as military posts and monitoring towers during the period of this report.

Also, troops demolished one house, one playground, and one landing strip in Gaza.

The military violations also included uprooting 60 olive trees, and annexing 481 Dunams of farmland for settlement expansion and the construction of the annexation wall in the occupied West Bank.

According to the report, the total number of Palestinians killed since 29/9/200 until 30/4/2006 arrived to 4050 residents, including 790 children, 269 women, 346 members of the P.A police and security forces.

408 residents were assassinated, 137 residents died on checkpoints while being transferred to hospitals, and 58 residents were killed by settlers.

Nine Palestinian journalists,  220 athletes and nine internationals were killed by the Israeli forces since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada.

35831 residents were injured since 29/9/2000, 7500 of them suffered permanent disabilities, most of them are children and youth.

During the same period, Israeli troops arrested 40.000 residents, 9400 of them are still imprisoned.

65443 houses were damaged by the army, 7682 of them were completely leveled.

The military violations also includes attacks against the agricultural sector causing huge loses and damage to orchards and farmlands. Troops uprooted, burnt and bulldozed at least one million trees and plants for settlement expansion, construction and the construction of the annexation Wall.

295535 Dunams were annexed for settlement construction and for the construction of the Wall since 29/3/2003.

The Israeli policy of closures and economic siege barred the residents from moving between the Palestinian areas and barred them from reaching their works. Number of unemployed residents arrived to 272000, and poverty level arrived to 72%.   

Palestinians killed and assassinated in April:

April, 1; Israeli bulldozers buried Hashem Mohammad Al Samaheen, 41, from Hebron, while he was working in Bet Shemesh area in Israel as he was collecting used furniture and equipment.

April, 3; Troops assassinated Raed Mohammad Obeyyat, 31, from Al Obeyyat village , south east of Bethlehem after arresting him.

April 3; Soldiers killed Mohammad Farid Zayyat, 15, from Qalandia refugee camp in Jerusalem.   

April 7; Soldiers killed Wafa’ Maisara Ya’ish, 22, during an invasion in Nablus.

April 8; Troops air force fired missiles and assassinated Mohammad Abu Al Einen, 33, his son Bilal, 6, Bassam Hussein, 23, Adel Shaath, 24, Ibrahim Al Aloul, 23, in Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The residents were killed after the Israeli air force   fired missiles at a civilian vehicles in Rafah.

April 9; Jaber Al Akhras, 33, from Bethlehem, was assassinated after the soldiers surrounded two buildings in Beit Ta’mor village, near Bethlehem.

April 9; Nizar Al Shafe’ey, 17, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in Nablus.

April 9; Yasser Hasan Abu Jarad, 28, was killed by an Israeli artillery shells in Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip.

April 9; Israeli air force fired missiles at Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip killing Hathefa Shber, 22, Ibrahim Jaber Abdul-Hadi, 17, Mohammad and his Brother Hasan Abu Al Hssein, 22 and 21, Mohammad Sami Hamda, 22, and Ibrahim Abdul-Hadi,. 30.  

April 10; Child Hadeel Mohhamad Ghabin, 9, was killed after an Israeli tank shells hit her parents home; several members of her family were injured.

April 11; Child Amir Maher Shawahba, 15, was killed by military fire in Sielet Al Harithiyya village, west of the West Bank city of Jenin.

April 15; resident Ayada Abdullah Abu Jareeda, 31, died of wounds sustained after the Israeli air force shelled an area in Tal Sultan neighborhood in Gaza city.
April 17; child Mamdouh Obeid, from Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, was killed by an Israeli tank shells fired at a playground; at least twenty children were playing there at the time of the shelling, four of them were injured.

April 23; Israeli soldiers executed Daniel Abu Hamama, 23, and Ahmad Ali Musleh, 27, after arresting them in Bethlehem.

April 24; resident Abdul-Wahab Abu Oreiban, 18, from Al Boreij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, was killed by an Israeli artillery shell.

April 24; resident Amer Hoshiyya, 22, was shot and killed and Al Yamoun village near the West Bank city of Jenin after the soldiers invaded the village.