A Palestinian medical source at the West Bank city of Hebron reported that  a three- year old child was seriously injured on Wednesday evening after a settler rammed him with his car in a Palestinian neighborhood of Wadi Al Hassein in Hebron.

The source stated that Abdullah Al Ja’abari, 3, was admitted to the hospital suffering serious bruises and scars allover his body.

The child’s mother, Randa, said that a Jewish settler from Keryat Arbba’ settlement, east of Hebron, deliberately crashed her kid and fled the scene.

She added the Israeli soldiers and policemen arrived at the scene and allowed Red Crescent association ambulance to evacuate her child for treatment.

Over the last several months,settlers attacks against the Palestinian residents, their houses and properties, in Hebron have significantly increased.   

At least fourteen prganized attacks were carried out by the settlers in Hebron againsgt the residents since the begining of this year, dozens of isolated incidents were also reported.

The attacks were also carried out against internationa human rights workers and international present in the city to report the violations of the settlers in the settlements and illegal outposts.

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