Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) visited on Thursday several detainees in Huwwara detention facility, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, and met with several detainees who informed him that they declared hunger strike in protest to the bad living conditions and treatment they face at the facility.

The lawyer stated that the detainees refused to receive their meals that are already insufficient and of a very bad quality, and that they are subjected to daily humiliation and bad treatment.

“Soldiers force them to place their hands behind their backs during the daily count”, the lawyer said, “They insult them, hit them and confine them to solitary if they object to anything”.

Also, the PPS reported that there are several detainees who need medical treatment and continuous observations, such as detainee Ala’ Al Sarkaji who is suffering from a heart disease, and detainee Mohammad Al Qadi, who is suffering from respiratory problems and asthma.  

Currently, there are 54 detainees in Huwwara detention facility, which is also a military camp; youth and elderly are among the detainees.

The PPS slammed the Israeli violations and repeated attacks against the detainees in Huwwara detention and the rest of the Israeli prisons and detention facilities, and appealed international and human rights organizations to interfere in order to end the suffering of the detainees and the violations practiced against them.