Russia has transferred 10 million U.S. dollars as an immediate relief aid to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), an official at the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.



“In the conditions of an aggravated social, economic and humanitarian situation on the Palestinian territories, the government of the Russian Federation decided to render urgent financial assistance to the Palestinian National Authority amounting to ten million U.S. dollars,” the Russian News Agency, ITAR-TASS quoted the Russian official as saying.  

“In connection with an accord with the Palestinian side, transferred its financial aid to the account of the Palestinian leader’s office,” the official said.


The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, has thanked Russian government for political and economic support to the PNA.


“I’d like to thank the Russian government for support, both political and economic one,” he said in an interview that the Moscow-based Izvestia daily published in the Friday edition.


“Thank you for inviting us to Moscow in March and thank you for allocating money to us,” Haniyeh said. “We hope will play a greater role in the activity of Middle East quarter of mediators [Russia, the U.S. , the United Nations and the European Union – Itar-Tass].”

The Russian fund is designated for social and humanitarian needs of the Palestinian population, mainly in the health and education spheres, adding that “the funds will be made available to specified medical and educational establishments.”


“Russian aid will be assigned for supporting measures aimed at prevention of infectious diseases, including bird flu, purchasing of vaccines and other medicines,” the official indicated. “In addition, close control over the proper use of funds, essential monitoring and audit will be organized.”

This fund, although needed, yet it will not directly contribute to solving the current financial crisis the new Palestinian government is facing due to the restrictions imposed by the United States on the Banks to transfer money to the Palestinian Authority.


“We believe that other donor countries will find the acceptable methods of rendering assistance to Palestinians with the aim of preventing humanitarian catastrophe in the Palestinian territories or disruption of PNA’s normal activity, which is one of achievements of the peace process,” the official said.

The PA is required to pay salaries of some 165 thousand employees that have been two months overdue totaling $240 million.

Part of this money arrived to the PA from the Arab League, who is still trying to find ways to send the rest of the money collected by the Hamas-government.