The Israeli army invaded the Rafidya neighborhood of Nablus in the West Bank, and surrounded two houses seeking wanted persons. One youth was shot and killed by the Israeli forces during the attack; one youth was killed, at least four others were injured by Israeli military fire, and one resident was arrested.

During the invasion a confrontation occurred with the local youth who hurled stones at the invading forces, 19-year-old Mohammad Qotob was shot dead by the Israeli army. Two of arrested residents are claimed to be wanted resistance fighters.

The injured residents were shot after the soldiers fired at them after surrounding a house in Rafidia.

Troops, supported by armored vehicles,invaded Nablus through Beit Eeba area and Tunis Street. One resident was arrested after the soldiers broke into a house in a residential building; the reisdent was identified as Abdul-Nasser Daoud Al ‘Atyani, 35 years old. 

The Israeli army has carried out daily invasions to Nablus during the past week. Israel claims the invasions are meant to arrest "wanted" resistance fighters.

Most of the Israeli invasions into the Palestinian areas end up with civilian Palestinians killed or harassed.

For the past week Nablus has been closed to the rest of the West Bank residents and on some days the area was completely sealed off.