Last night Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian citizen at a military checkpoint occupying the western Hebron area of the southern West Bank. At the same time, Israeli forces are intensifying restrictions at checkpoints and imposing more semi-permanent barriers in order to prevent Palestinian freedom of movement.



Sources in the Palestinian Prisoner Society’s Hebron office told PNN that a “flying-checkpoint” was erected on the main road between Hebron and Bethlehem. This is from where Israeli soldiers took 28 year old Ghaleb Ali Ibriosh to an unknown location.

Ibriosh is not only a Palestinian citizen, but also a member of the Palestinian National Security forces. Israeli soldiers arrested him while he was on his way to work in Ramallah.

Israeli forces have intensified their presence throughout Hebron City by imposing more checkpoints within the city itself, not just between the city and neighboring villages and towns.

Tens of Palestinian vehicles are spending hours being checked in long lines at these barriers for the simple privilege of moving between work, school, and home.