Sunday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, and exchanged fire with resistance fighters, Palestinian sources reported. Four residents were arrested in separate invasion in the West Bank.



Resistance fighters detonated an explosive charge near military jeeps while invading the camp and exchanged fire with the soldiers, no injuries were reported.

The clashes lasted for two hours while the soldiers were breaking into neighborhoods in the camp.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, soldiers arrested one resident in Doura village, south of Hebron, after breaking into his house and searching it. The resident was identified as Nasser Mohammad Abu Zneid, 46.

Osama, the son of Nasser, reported that soldiers surrounded their house, detained the nine family members in one room and arrested him after searching the house, damage was reported as soldiers violently broke into and searched the house.

Four other residents were arrested in separate incidents after the soldiers invaded the West Bank village of Kafer Thuluth, south east of Qalqilia, the village of Atteel, north of Tulkarem, and Al Khader near Bethlehem.

The arrestees were identified as Ahmad Odah, 20, from Kafer Thuluth, Mohammad and Tha’er Rifqallah, 25, 20, from Atteel, and Mohammad Mousa, 37, from Al Khader.