Israeli bulldozers leveled on Tuesday morning one Palestinian house in Beit Hanina neighborhood, in Jerusalem after claiming that the house was illegally constructed seven years ago. Another house was leveled in Jabal Al Mokabber area, in Jerusalem.

Resident Mohammad Eid Al Ja’bary, the owner of the 150 square meters leveled house, said that the Israeli police leveled his house without allowing him and his family to empty it from the furniture and belongings.

The house was leveled one hour before an Israeli court was supposed to examine an appeal regarding an Israeli order to level it.  

Al Ja’bary stated that he did not receive any official order informing him the Israeli authorities intend to level his house during this period. Before bulldozing the house, soldiers surrounded in and violently forced the family out.

The mother of Mohammad, 58 years old, fell on the ground after the soldiers broke into the house and violently forced them out.     

In a separate incident, soldiers leveled the house of Barakat Abu Sarhan, after claiming that it was illegally constructed.

Abu Sarhan said that his lawyer Abed Darawsha received, 15 days ago, a warning informing him the the Jerusalem municipality intends to level the house of Abu Sarhan, but he did not receive any official notice that includes times or dates. After receiving the warning, the lawyer started to conduct the legal proceedings.

The family was also forced out after soldiers and policemen broke into their house after surrounding the whole area; the wife of Barakat fainted as the soldiers forced them out of the house.

One of the sons of Abu Sarhan is sick, and lost his leg because of his illness; he needs constant medical care and attention.