Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud Zahhar, stated on Saturday that he is willing to travel to Jordan in an official mission in order to end the crises between Hamas and the Jordanian government after Hamas was accused of smuggling arms from the Hashemite Kingdom.



After a meeting with the Russian Ambassador at the Ministry Foreign Affairs in Gaza city on Sunday morning, Zahhar said that Hamas will not accept to endanger the security any country, especially Jordan.

Hamas says Amman has wrongly accused the group of arms smuggling because it is being influenced by the US to boycott the new Palestinian government.

Palestinian government spokesman, Ghazi Hammad, said on Wednesday: "I think the Jordanians themselves know more than anybody else the total mendacity and falsehood of these charges. They know that Hamas doesn’t indulge in such activities."

"We are under a sinister Israeli military occupation. And our brotherly Arab states should not increase our burden by indulging in such cheap and stupid disinformation", Hammad added.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ambassador said that his country is attempting through its position in the Quartet to end the siege imposed over the Palestinians, and is willing to continue transferring financial aid to the Palestinians.

“Last week, Russia donated ten million U.S Dollars to the P.A”, the Russian Ambassador added, “This financial aid be used for Health, Education and humanitarian cases”.
Also on Saturday morning, Sa’eb Erikat, head of the Negotiations Department at the Palestinian Liberation Organization, told the Palestinian Radio that president Abbas will meet the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, next week in the south of Russia.

The two leaders are slated to hold talks on the economic crisis the Palestinians are facing after the European Countries boycotted the Hamas-led Palestinian government and stopped the transfer of financial and humanitarian aid.