Hundreds of Palestinian captives in Israeli jails announced Saturday that they are about to declare an initiative to donate their monthly allowance to support their elected government, the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) and their people.

According to the prisoners’ spokespeople, this will be a symbolic gesture to express Palestinian unity in the face of the oppressive siege imposed upon them by the USA and Israel with the aim of making Palestinians bow to their dictates.

Messages smuggled from Hadarim and Nafha prisons revealed that the Palestinian captives are having consultations to reach a united stand before beginning this action.

The prisoners’ action coincides with the third week of a hunger strike being carried out by several prominent Palestinian activists and writers in Jenin which is also meant to encourage Palestinian national unity in the face of the oppressive sanctions currently being imposed by the US and Israel.

Prisoner spokespeople noted that this action is also meant to boost the political role of the prisoners and to send a message to all concerned that "Zionist prison walls are not going to stop the Palestinian political prisoners from actively pursuing their political role."