Tuesday afternoon , Israeli soldiers, backed by armored vehicles, invaded the West Bank village of Al-Khader, west of Bethlehem.  The troops  broke into Palestinian homes and conducted wide scale searches, local sources reported.
The residents affirmed that the soldiers were violent to people in their own homes, and beat two youths in their homes.  Other soldiers, who were deployed around the schools , held up several students on their way home and forced them to stand by the wall of their schools with their hands up for over half an hour. No injuries were reported.
An Isreali military spokesperson said that those procedures were conducted after Palestinian youths from the area hurled stones at settlers’ vehicles when crossing the settlers’ bypass road near of Al-Khder village, the window of one of the cars was shattered, another settler’ vehicle was hit by stones whilst crossing near Al- Liban Al Sharqeyah village close to the West Bank city of Ramallah. No injuries were reported from either incident.