Palestinian Minister of Interior Sa’eed Siyam announced that the special force the ministry has established will start working in the Palestinian areas today.

Siyam told a press conference in Gaza that the force is composed of members of all the Palestinian factions and its main job is to aid the Palestinian security forces to maintain security and safety for the people, especially with the deteriorating security situation in the Palestinian areas.
This force was formed according to a decision by Siyam as a minister of Interior and will directly follow his orders and instructions.
Siyam slammed the existing Palestinian security forces saying they have failed to maintain security to the Palestinian residents, condemning the attack that happened on Tuesday at the Palestinian Cellular Communication Company (Jawwal) in Gaza by unknown gunmen and the kidnapping of Salim Sabra last week.  
"It does not make any sense that Sabra has been kidnapped and still in captivity, at a time the kidnappers are known to the security forces," Siyam said.
He said that gangs are working according to a plan to cause the Palestinian government to fail and to create a Palestinian in-fight and this is for Israel’s benefit at the end of it.
Siyam added that the force consists of 3000 trained members and is coordinated with the President’s office, and will work to implement the rule of law in the Palestinian territories.
Several Fatah officials objected the formation of such a force saying it is unlawful. Hamas argued that according to the Palestinian law, the minister can form such a force.