The Lebanese Police reported on Wednesday that Palestinian gunmen and Lebanese soldiers engaged in a gun battle in Wadi Al Aswad area, adjacent to the Syrian borders with Lebanon.

The police did not provide any details regarding the causes of the gun battle which left one Lebanese hurt.

RPG shells and automatic gunfire were used in the clashes that inflamed on Wednesday before noon and lasted for more than one hour.

The Qatar based Al Jazeera Satellite news channel reported that the Lebanese army deployed reinforcements that included armored vehicles to the area which is only two kilometers away from the Syrian borders.

The area contains a military base for Fateh Al Intifada, based in Damascus. The movement is a split faction from the Fateh movement headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Al Jazeera reporter in Beirut reported that Fathi Abu Hammad, one of the leaders of  Fateh Al Intifada movement, said that Palestinian gunmen detained one soldier of the Lebanese army for one hour.

The clashes took place one day after Lebanese parties decided to improve the relations with Syria by creating diplomatic relations, drawing the borders and disarming the Palestinian factions within six months but the talks were delayed until June 8, 2006.