Meshref Al Mubaslat, 73, died of a heart attack as Israeli forces bulldozed the area in front of his house in Nablus.  He was not able to open his front door to seek help, after Israeli forces bulldozed his fence and the trees surrounding the house.

Neighbors reported that Al Mubaslat had a weak heart, and when the soldiers began bulldozing around his house, he was struck with a heart attack.  Al Mubaslat was then denied urgent medical treatment by the Israeli occupation forces invading the city.

Medical sources confirmed that Meshref Al Mubaslat, 73, was found dead at his house of a heart attack, after Israeli forces stormed the Rafidiyya neighborhood in the city of Nablus on Wednesday.

During their attack on Nablus, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians, whom they claimed to be affiliated with Al Quds Brigades, the militant arm of the Islamic Jihad movement. Medics identified the victims as Mustafa Abdel Ghani, 21, and Othman Sedqa, 26.