Israeli Security officers manning Allenby Bridge, between Jordan and the West Bank, apprehended a Palestinian woman carrying a computer ‘flash drive’ containing Hizbullah information on how to assemble weapons, Israeli sources reported.

The sources added that security officials believe that the woman planned to pass the memory card to her son in the West Bank.

Israeli online daily Ynetnews quoted a security official stating that the woman planned to transfer the chip, which held information on how to assemble weapons, to her son in the the West Bank. The chip was confiscated and the woman arrested and transferred for interrogation.

Israel claims that the chip was prepared by Hizbollah fighters in Lebanon, and was given to the woman when she was in Jordan.

In October 2005 three members of the Popular Resistance Committees, were arrested while making their way from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank city of Jenin. Israeli security sources claimed that the three intended to pass on knowledge to fighters on the establishment of shells manufacturing operation in the West Bank.

The three cell members were allegedly carrying a “disk on key” with instructional material from Hizbullah on how to prepare explosive materials and bombs.