Peace activists of Taayush organization (Arab – Jewish Partnership) and the Israeli Peace Now Movement, along with Palestinian farmers from the West Bank city of Hebron, organized on Saturday voluntary  day work near Karmi Nsor settlement, built over the farmers’ annexed lands.

The action comes in protest to Israel’s annexation Wall and the confiscation of Palestinian pr chards in order to build the wall, a source in Taayush reported.

The Israeli peace activist helped the Palestinian farmers to arrive to their land which was annexed by the Israeli for wall construction around the city, and for settlement expantion.

Meanwhile, troops intensified their presence in the area of the action, while settlers of right wing  extremist groups were also there and were chanting anti-Palestinian slogans and words of hatred against the Israeli activists, local sources reported.

Recently, soldiers issued several military orders to grab more than 450 Dunams of Palestinian farmland that belongs to local farmers from the Hebron district. The annexed land will be used for Wall construction and settlement expansion.